Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sitting Is Bad For You

This article from today's Age newspaper, explains how sitting too much is a risk factor for all kinds of "lifestyle" diseases... who new it could contribute to diabetes?

"Sitting too much is not the same as lack of exercise," says Neville Owen, Professor of Health Behaviour at the University of Queensland. "Too much sitting is also associated with a unique sedentary physiology. Cells in the muscles start putting out signals and chemicals into the blood that cascade up through a series of changes to things like unhealthy triglyceride patterns, too much glucose. It's a recipe for diabetes."

Professor Owen says long periods of sitting are also a likely factor in heart disease and breast and bowel cancers.

"People are so inactive, we've evolved a society where people can pretty much even sit to get anywhere we want," he says. "Most of our time is sitting now."
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Enjoy... and then get up and do something fun!

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