Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Project YOU!

All of my wonderful clients are articulate, interesting, fabulous women who love life and have their individual passions.

Whether it's theater, shopping, family, tap-dancing, socialising with friends, Master Chef, or whatever you just love doing, it's time to put yourself in the picture and make your next project YOU.

You've all been training consistently for almost two months (give yourself credit for this), and have noticed changes in your energy levels, strength, flexibility & attitudes (more credit here).

Now that your training has become part of your life, you may already be planning the next stage of your health journey.... make yourself your new favourite project!

Just like any other event or project, work out where you want to end up, break up the steps into weekly & monthly goals and make them a priority in your life, the same way you have done with your training.

Make one change at a time, consolidate before moving on to the next one.
Remember that consistency beats intensity and believe that you really are worth it!

Time passes, it's what we do in that time that matters, so make sure you're using the time you have to create your best life (okay, now I sound like Oprah, but she's right ;)

Where will you be in 12 months time?

I can't wait to see your vision of YOU!

Can I say again how proud I am of all your efforts over the past couple of months.

You have made a commitment to your health and your Self that has amazing changes taking place in your mind, body and spirit; notice and enjoy the fruits of your good works!

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