Monday, July 6, 2009


Thank you for voting in the What Stops You From Exercising quiz.

Most of you have said being Unmotivated is what stops you.. no surprises there, it's what stops most of us; we think we need to "feel like it" before we do anything, but that's not true.

If everyone waited around until they "felt like it", an awful lot wouldn't get done in this world.

We all do certain things to have our life be a certain way; whether that's getting up in the dark to go to work, or helping a friend move house, you do things you "don't feel like" because you know the reason they need to be done.

One of my clients felt such relief and revelation at the knowledge she didn't have to want to come to training to still Get It Done!!

She brought her Don't Want To's with her and did a great session - You go Girl!!! :)

Next time you really Don't Want To do something that's good for you, give yourself permission to Not Want To and do it anyway, even a little bit... I bet you'll be glad you did.

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