Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hey Sugar...

The latest ABC Science show Ockham's Razor was all about sugar and makes for interesting reading.

Here's an extract:

"Important new appetite-related hormones were discovered and what emerged from two decades of work was a scientific consensus as to how we digest food and how our appetite control system works.

We are designed for equilibrium.

Like all other animals, we won't get fat unless something is broken about our appetite control system.

When we eat fat and protein a hormone is released by our gut that tells us to stop eating when we've had enough.

When we eat carbohydrates a different hormone is released by our pancreas that does the same thing.

That is true of most carbohydrates, but there is one that doesn't trip either appetite control switch: fructose. Fructose is one half of sugar. Everything that contains sugar, contains fructose.

Now that on its own wouldn't be such a big deal if we didn't eat much fructose.

The worst case would be that we'd eat a few more calories than our brains thought we did.

Unfortunately, our livers are blindingly efficient at converting it to fat.

Before you even finish the glass of apple juice, the fructose in the first mouthful will be circulating in your bloodstream as fat."

Think about what you're eating, and why; occasional treats, parties and celebrations are fine, just not every meal, every day.

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