Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If Not Dieting, Then What?

Through watching a training DVD on nutrition and weight management I found the wonderful Dr Rick Kausman, a Melbourne GP who takes a sensible and sensitive approach to helping people achieve a healthy weight and more importantly, a healthy attitude towards themselves and living their life.

His website is a breath of fresh air on the subject of health, weight, nutrition and quality of life, with tools, resources and information on other health professionals who support his work.

There are recipes, research information and inspiring personal stories from people who have benefited from him work.

His book, If Not Dieting, Then What, will be available to borrow from me, or you can get your own copy from the website store.

If you are dealing with weight issues, I strongly encourage you to join up to the site (it's free) and use the resources there to help you.

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