Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Healthy Basics

There are all kinds of powders, pills, products and programs that promise you weight-loss, body sculpting and six-pack abs.
Mostly on late night infomercials.

Surprisingly, the mere purchase of these items does not deliver the results you want.

I have seen the most expensive exercise equipment sit in people's living rooms and become the most expensive clothes hangers.

This happens a lot with treadmills and elliptical machines; they are great for drying washing.

No, those "shoes with the curved sole" do not magically tone your thighs and bottom; try walking everyday, in any well-fitting sports shoe and doing strength exercises a few times a week.

No, that "scientific sports drink" isn't "more hydrating than water" (yes, I've had a salesperson actually say this to me) it just contains sugar, salt and colors. And is more expensive.

Nothing is more hydrating than water.
Drink more water.

No, that "slim-shake" won't make you lose weight and therefore happy; you may drop kilograms on the scale but it's likely to also be lean muscle.

When you stop taking the shake (you were planning on living on them forever?) and you haven't learned to prepare and enjoy real food, you burn less energy and your body gains back the weight plus some.

And if you're unhappy, losing weight won't make you happy.
Be happy now.

You can make the small manageable changes to your environment that will get you to you goals.

You are the only one who can.

Drink enough water.

Get enough sleep.

Eat quality food, regularly.

Move your body, regularly and specifically.

These four basic principles of health are not particularly sexy, they won't make you look like a supermodel, they do not sparkle and fizz and they do not have any celebrity endorsement or a glamorous and expensive marketing campaign.

They do work and they are free.

Do them every day and feel the difference.

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