Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Start Your Engine

Your metabolism is the engine room of your body, it's what gives you your energy, helps you get up in the morning and allows you to burn off extra kilos throughout your day.

You can begin to lose muscle strength and muscle mass in your 30's, if you are not participating in some kind of strength training program.

It is increased calorie consumption and decreased activity that sees people gaining weight as they get older, it certainly isn't 'natural' and doesn't have to be 'the way it is'.

As you lose this muscle mass you not only lose strength you also lose energy, as your metabolism slows down.

This is why strength training is essential for weight loss programs as it's the best way to increase your metabolism and my clients who know they are stronger than they've ever been, can attest to what a great feeling that is.

Your body is like a car in the sense that even if it is not running on all cylinders, it still runs, but not as well or as efficiently.

How well is your body running?

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