Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The A.R.T. Method in Melbourne via New York

MET Fitness brings the Active Resistance Training Method from New York to Melbourne.

Developed by New York's best personal trainer, Terri Walsh, the A.R.T. Method goes beyond the limits of a 'program' and is an actual METHOD. It's a way to understand how to move. It's a method to decipher the endless permutations of workouts, programs, trends, sports, yoga and dance 'programs' that come.... and eventually, go.

The A.R.T. Method means you'll always understand how to get the most out of any fitness program, any dance exercise, any yoga class or sports program you choose to participate in.

The workout is intense - the A.R.T. Method will change the shape of your body.

This is not a gym class. There are no crowds.

A.R.T. Method Intensive is limited in size to give you personal attention and group motivation - it's the change that makes the difference.

Exclusive to MET Fitness and now available at the following locations:

The Academy of Hypnotic Science in Elsternwick
7am - 8am Monday
s (Beginners)

Steppes School of Dance in Highett
6:30am - 7:30am Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (Intermediate)

The Intensives run each month and you can join at any time at a pro-rata cost.
Groups are limited to 6 so book early to secure your place.

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