Monday, April 25, 2011

Chocolate Habits

Much of how we live our lives is the result of our habits and part of my job as a fitness trainer is to encourage people to swap habits that damage their bodies with new habits that support their health and fitness.

So it was a surprise to me that after three weeks away, I had changed some long-standing habits and have actually brought the changes home with me.

The biggest one has been getting up early, not really much of an achievement unless you're me.

Oh sure, I would get up early if I had to be somewhere, catch a plane or train a client, but I have never been a 'morning person' just for the sake of it.

Until now.

The other habit, that I may need to change back, is my new-found affection for confection; specifically chocolate.

I could take or leave chocolate before but since my intense schedule in New York, and needing to up my food intake, I had gotten used to pretty much eating what I wanted and even indulging in treats I normally wouldn't eat.

Someone I met in New York had asked, when hearing about my reason for being there, if I ate 900 calories a day, to which my friend who had seen me stuff my face all over town replied, "are you kidding? she eats about 900 calories an hour!"


Seriously though, I do need to remember I am not working out two hours a day and that chocolate is not an everyday food.

What habits have you changed or would like to?

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