Monday, November 1, 2010

Have Fun - That's An Order!

Spending time with a good friend recently, we found ourselves laughing so hard that we couldn't speak, could barely breathe and had tears streaming down our faces - it was wonderful!

I realised I haven't laughed like this for such a long time and that I don't really think very much about scheduling "fun" into each day - this has to change.

Being busy taking care of other people can sometimes leave us with little time or energy to allow ourselves to have fun, but it is important that we remember what brings us pleasure and make time for it.

If you have small people in your life, learn from them; they remember what you've forgotten.

Kids know how to jam as much fun as they can into each day and really can make anything into a game, let them show you how you can laugh a little more and stress a little less.

Whether it's being around your favourite people, taking time out with a great book, wearing something sparkly to do the supermarket shopping, or spending time in nature, think about what it is for you and include more of it in your life each week.

So what's your fun-plan for this week?

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