Thursday, April 15, 2010

Every Little Bit Counts

If one of your main training goals is fat/weight loss, you may have found the Easter break and its accompanying chocolate gifting quite a challenge; I know I did, I gained almost 2kgs in 2 weeks! Yikes!!

If you don't know, I put on almost 40kgs when pregnant with my son, most of it in a six month period!
It took me three years to lose it.

I'm back on track post-Easter, with healthy eating and regular workouts, as I hope you are, and should knock those extra kilos off within a few weeks.

If you're in the same situation, don't despair & don't give up; those "little bits" of "occasional" chocolate do add up to a consequence, just as those "little bits" of "regular exercise" will contribute to our health & well-being in the long-term.

In the meantime, I came across some great info from a fellow Melbourne trainer Craig Harper, that I felt was worth sharing with you.

Below are excerpts from a Renovating Your Body workshop he ran recently in Queensland, and they certainly resonated with me as I hope they do with you...

"Knowing isn’t doing. Smart people do stupid things. Often. Especially when it comes to their body. Ever met a doctor who smokes? Me too. Transformation ain’t about the information, it’s about the application. Far too many informed, educated and intelligent people simply don’t apply what they know. Or if they do, it’s often short-lived.

Change works from the inside out. And it’s not always quick, easy, convenient or painless. And that’s okay.

Producing exceptional results is more about decisions, behaviours and resilience than it is potential, talent or genetics. Which has always been good news for me!

What’s written on the front of food packaging is called marketing, not nutritional information. Don’t get me started on those sneaky food marketing people.

Hard or easy is about the person, not the task. It’s true that many people have a PhD. in difficult. They can turn the most straight forward process into a major theatrical production complete with pouting, foot-stamping, complaining and attention seeking.

People don’t accidentally get fat. No, it takes work. We choose what goes in our mouth don’t we? Last time I checked nobody accidentally eats junk food or excessive calories every day. No, it’s a choice. And I’m pretty sure people don’t accidentally avoid exercise either. No, I think that’s a decision too.

Motivation is handy but discipline is essential. Discipline is what keeps us doing what we need to when the (feeling of) motivation ain’t there. "

Keep up your program, make healthy food choices and watch the changes happen.

Happy training!

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