Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little Changes Make A Big Difference

It's the little things we do each day and each week, those healthy habits that become part of our lives, that really add up to make a big difference to our health & well-being.

You are doing so many good things for yourself by training a couple of times a week, drinking plenty of water, walking every day or every other day, and you are already feeling the difference in the way you move & feel.

Eating healthy food still means eating well, and eating enough of the right foods leaves you satisfied and nourished, and less likely to be trawling the fridge or pantry, just to see what you feel like.

By the way, when you just want "a little something", and don't know what it is, you're most likely thirsty - close the cupboard, drink 2 big glasses of water and wait 20 minutes.

Eliminating habits that sabotage your goals is so important.

Fruit juice is sugar, there's no point trying to kid yourself it's the "healthy option".
Check out the nutritional panel and eat an orange instead; they keep longer than most fruit.

And did you know that muffin and latte afternoon "treat" can add up to almost 8oo calories

The average woman needs between 1500 - 2000 calories a day.

Adding an extra 500 calories per day can equate to an extra 1/2 kilogram weight gain a week, or 26 kg each year.

The great news is, cutting out these needless snacks, cutting your intake by 500 calories a day will result in a similar amount of weight loss.

If you're eating 3 balanced meals a day, each with plenty of fresh fruit & veg, good sources of protein, and some carbohydrates (wholemeal, wholegrain or vegetable sources without the sauces) you won't feel the urge to snack.

I can't say enough good things about our forgotten friends, beans & legumes; they are excellent sources of protein with almost no fat, make us feel full or longer, can be added to or hidden in just about any meal (eg. soup, pasta sauce, curry) and are cheaper than meat right now.

So keep up those good habits you've built into your life, keep moving every day and love the life you're living; you work hard, you deserve to feel great!

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