Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Burning Fat

Some great articles here, specifically about how to burn more fat, which I'm asked about a lot.

"Finding the 'best' exercise to burn fat is less important than keeping at it" from the ABC Health & Wellbeing pages.

You've heard this from me time & again, keep at it, a little everyday is better than going hard (and hurting yourself) once a week, frequency beats intensity, get out there and get it done!

Also, this article from The Age earlier this year talks about reducing the amount of carbohydrates in your diet.

This is good information if you happen to regularly eat things like pastry, white bread, biscuits and crisps; cutting these out will yield results, however carbohydrates from vegetable sources, including beans, potato & sweet potato still contain important nutrients, so enjoy them as part of your 5 - 7 veggies a day, but leave off the butter or creamy sauces you may be used to.

Keep eating protein for breakfast, eggs, baked beans or good quality protein powder in you breakfast smoothie, and you'll bounce through your day.

Keep up the GREAT work! :)

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