Thursday, June 29, 2017

Motivation In Two Forms

You've heard me say many times that motivation is a myth, that nobody is motivated all the time and that we just have to make the decision to make the change that makes the difference.

Well, that is true... to an extent.

We've all felt that exhilarating burst of energy that motivates and inspires us into action.

Whether it's making a call we know we need to get over & done with, or the call we've been looking forward to.

We're either scared or excited, and those two feelings share a lot in common, physiologically. Our interpretation is key. 

Sometimes it's just a matter of reframing to use our energy states to achieve the results we want.

Which brings me to how motivation works, in its two forms - Away From and Towards.

We are either motivated to move away from a troubling or painful situation or towards a sought-after or rewarding situation. They both serve a purpose and have their benefits.
Once you get clear on your "why", you can nail your "what".

Weight loss is one I hear a lot from clients; they were significantly overweight and they took steps to lose weight but as they got closer to their goal, they just didn't seem to have the motivation they started with.

Other clients started with a heath & fitness, rather than a weight loss, goal and they seemed to power on through from one goal to the next.

This is how Away From and Towards motivation works: when you're moving AWAY from pain & whatever it is you DON'T want, the further you get from it, the more comfortable you feel.

Almost like you're feet are far enough from the fire that you can relax, you don't have to do the work any more.

Away From motivation is a great way to START whatever changes you're looking to make.

You are really clear about what you don't want, but it's ultimately a negative motivation and lasting change takes more than that.

Towards motivation is the goal you have in your mind, your heart & your soul.

It drives you onwards even when you've made good progress because it's a shining, positive motivator even on days when you don't feel like it.
It literally pulls you towards your goal!

You may start out wanting to change your current health situation but what will keep you going once you've made those changes, is the thought of feeling even better, moving well when you're older & avoiding some of the common pitfalls of aging, like falls & immobility.

The other major benefit of Towards motivation is that it encourages you rather than criticises you, it brings you along rather than punishes you, it helps you rather than hurts you.

It really is the only way to maintain a kind, self-caring & consistent approach to your goals.

Being kind to yourself is about doing the good stuff, even when you don't feel like it.

Because you are so very worth it.

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