Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fit Your Own Oxygen Mask First

One of the most important lessons I learned, while training in New York, was the importance of managing my energy.

I was training solidly for two hours a day most days, from 1 - 3pm and two mornings a week was 7am Bootcamp, which was "only" an hour.

I was also out and about seeing galleries, museums and everything else that great city had to offer.
With this schedule, I worked out pretty quickly that eating appropriate food, resting when I was tired and paying attention to how I was feeling, physically and emotionally, was very important.

When your energy levels are low, don't try to "get things done" until you've taken care of yourself first. Y
ou will still get everything done.

I call this the "airline oxygen mask" situation.

During the safety demonstration on a plane, the reason you fit your own oxygen mask before fitting those of children or other people who rely on you, is because if you fit them first, you will pass out from lack of oxygen and can be of no further use to them.
Managing your energy means getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating enough good quality food and keeping your body fit & strong.

Paradoxically, the more you use your energy, the more you have to live your fabulous life. Most importantly is noticing when you need to do each of these things; check in with yourself, assess how you are feeling and take appropriate action to restore yourself.

Managing your energy takes a little more thought and planning than just scrambling through life wondering why you always seem to be exhausted.

The pace of life may not slow down, but taking care of yourself leaves you feeling calmer, more in control and nurtured in the face of anything life throws at you.

Taking time to look after your Self is entirely necessary.
Start today.

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