Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Challenge yourself, just enough.

We can scare ourselves into inaction by thinking we need to make GREAT BIG radical changes all at once.

It is the small, sustainable changes we put in place each day, one at a time, that make the biggest difference in our lives.

There is a small but dedicated group of training clients who have taken on the MET Fitness 6 Week Challenge, making changes to the way they eat, train and take care of themselves.

There is another group, who are quietly watching from the sidelines, perhaps waiting to see how this goes, wondering if they could take on the Challenge for themselves.

The thought of making changes to our daily habits can be daunting; it took the Challengers a couple of weeks to get used to the idea, prepare themselves mentally, emotionally and physically, and put in place the planning they knew they needed for success.

I am always impressed with the thought, creativity, dedication and consistency shown by previous Challengers. They learn to pay attention to the quality of food they choose to put into their bodies and they make fitness a regular part of their day.

They understand that it is not about being 'perfect', it is about paying attention to your life and your health - YOU get to decide how you live!

I am equally impressed with the continuing curiosity, learning and desire shown by the observing group, to live healthier lives, to find ways of making that work for them. 

Making changes in your life that you know need to happen takes time - making the decision to start takes an instant.

Change one thing for a week to give yourself that sense of achievement and the confidence to know you can reach the next goal, and the next.

Whatever your health or fitness challenge, write it down, make a plan and set the date. Go!

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