Monday, May 7, 2012

Self Help Kept Simple.

It's been a while.
Life has been throwing challenges at me on a weekly basis and the benefits of health & fitness have never been more important.
Training makes me strong, inside & out.
Taking care of myself and my health means I can move more easily through difficult life circumstances.
These rules work in so many ways.
 1. Don’t eat what you don’t need.

 2. Stop doing what doesn’t work.

 3. In most instances, the solution is you.

 4. Getting offended is optional. As is getting off your arse. See how that works?

 5. Changing fifty things at once is a bad plan.

 6. Knowing isn’t doing. Do more.

 7. Joining a gym isn’t attending a gym.

 8. Being smart is not the same as doing smart.

 9. Intentions aren’t actions. Stop intending.

 10. You won’t undo three decades of bad choices in three weeks. Be realistic.

 11. Be more committed to success than comfort.

 12. Control your controllables and let go of the rest.

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