Monday, September 14, 2009

Spring Into Shape 2009

Spring is here and your fitness levels are so much better than they were 2 months ago, so take advantage of the spring weather to improve your fitness while having some fun, and get out there!

Spring Into Shape is a series of running & walking races that allows you to test & improve your fitness by walking, running or a combination of both, around the Yarra river and the first one took place yesterday.

It was a client who told me about this event (thank you Shaz) and she & I competed (against ourselves) to finish the 8km route in a dream time of 90 minutes.

The idea was to walk at a sustainable pace throughout the race, which we did and completed the first lap quite easily; the second lap was slightly more challenging, and we even managed a bit of a jog towards the end.

This race was a baseline, to improve upon next month and the month after. Finishing was great, crossing the line in "wish-list" time was a bonus and we both felt great for reaching our goal.

Well done Shaz! you put in a tremendous effort and will definitely improve on your time next month.

I would encourage you to enter the next two races in the 4km category, as you are all capable of finishing this course. If you believe you are up for the challenge of the 8km, do let me know at our next training session and we can focus your training for this event.

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